Foldable Paddle Board Inflatable Surfboard Drop Stitch Allround Touring Paddleboard Surfboard Set 10ft 11ft All Sizes

Short Description:

Drop Stitch ISUP Feature:

1. Can be folded, easy to transport and carry.
2. The ISUP of single layer material and double layer material is different, the price and quality are very different.
3. Remarkably tough and durable.
4. We have a professional design team that can customize the brand for you and realize all your ideas.
5. Standard accessories is Sup paddle,backpack,pump, and repair kit.
6. Optional accessories is 10ft 7mm sup leash, dry bag, dry phone bag, SUP seat.

  • Custom Service: Support OEM&ODM Service
  • Our Brand: Lulusky
  • Payment: visa, mastercard, T/T, PAYPAL, APPLE_PAY, GOOGLE_PAY, L/C
  • FOB Price: US $99 - 199 / Piece
  • Material: Double layer drop stitch
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    Foldable Paddle Board Inflatable Surfboard Drop Stitch Allround Touring Paddleboard Surfboard Set 10ft 11ft All Sizes

    Product name Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board
    Material Drop Stitch , PVC , EVA
    Quality Laminated double layer (Fusion) , Single layer
    Size 8'  9'  9'6"  10'  10'6”  11'  11'6"  12'6"  14' / Customzie
    Design/Color Custom design , Custom color , Wood grain style
    Brand Custom brand and logo
    Air pressure 15-25PSI
    Fin Standard 1 main fin  or 1+2 Fins  , Can do both detachable or fixed for small fins
    Other customization Stand grip pad, Bungee Strap , D-ring , Handle , Action Camera mount, Windsurf holder
    Accessoires Paddle, Hand pump, Safe leash, Back pack , Repair kit
    Packing Carton / Color box
    Certification CE,  BSCI , SGS Test report
    Minimum order 50PCS

    How to choose the right inflatable SUP?

    1.What kind of stand up paddling you want to do.
    If you are a beginner to intermediate SUPer or if you just want a basic board for a bit of fun. In general, the best all round SUP board should be large, thick and stiff enough to offer stability (especially for SUP yoga) but light, curved and thin enough to handle well over choppy water, light surf and waves.

    2.You should select the right size based on your height and weight.
    Tall, heavy adults will need a larger board for more stability, while small, light adults and kids will need a smaller board as they will struggle to control a large SUP.
    As a general rule, if you are under 140 lbs you should choose a short 9'6'' board; if you are between 140 lbs and 200 lbs you'll need a board that around ten feet long; if you are heavier (or if you'll be carrying extra passengers) you should look for a large SUP measuring 11 or 12 feet long.
    However, there are slight variations between inflatable SUPs depending on how they are used. The best yoga inflatable SUP boards are long and wide, providing a large, stable surface area for trying out ambitious yoga positions. Surfing SUP boards, on the other hand, tend to be narrower to help them glide over the waves smoothly.

    3.Thickness of board: Inflatable SUP boards range from four to six inches thick.
    Thicker boards usually feel stiffer and more stable than thinner boards. However, these boards are so well made that when they are fully inflated, they feel just as solid as hard SUP boards, regardless of their thickness.

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