Camping in Autumn

1. Lightning protection

In rainy seasons or areas with frequent lightning, the camp must not be built on high ground, under high trees or on isolated flat ground. It is easy to be struck by lightning.

2. Near water

The camp should be close to water sources, such as streams, lakes and rivers. However, it should also be noted that the camp should not be located on the beach or near the stream, because once there is a rainstorm or the upstream reservoir discharges water, flash floods, etc., there will be life risks. Especially in rainy season and mountain flood prone areas.

3. Leeward

When camping in the wild, we should consider the leeward problem, especially in some valleys and river beaches. We should choose a leeward place to camp. Also, pay attention to the orientation of the tent door. Leeward is not only for camping, but also for fire.

4. Far cliff

When camping, the camp should not be set under the cliff, because once there is a strong wind on the mountain, rocks and other objects may be blown down, causing danger.

5. Near the village

If the camp is close to the village, you can ask the villagers for help, especially if there is no firewood, vegetables, grain, etc. Close to the village is also a shortcut to facilitate the movement and transfer of the team.

6. Cool place

If it is a camp that needs to live for more than two days, it is better to choose a shady place to camp in good weather. For example, under the trees and in the north of the mountain, it is better to shine towards the sun rather than at sunset. In this way, if you rest in the daytime, the tent will not be too hot and stuffy.

7. Prevention of animals

When building the camp, carefully observe whether there are footprints, excrement and nests of wild animals around the camp. Do not build it in the area where there are many snakes and rats, so as to avoid hurting people or damaging equipment and facilities. There should be anti-mosquito, insect and scorpion drugs and protective measures. Scatter some plant ash around the camp, which will effectively prevent the invasion of snakes, scorpions and poisonous insects

Post time: Jan-13-2023