Camping into nature

Camping is a process of walking into nature, feeling and enjoying nature. It is a popular weekend and holiday resort for many people; There are also many kinds of camping, such as tent camping, RV camping, log cabin camping, cliff camping for senior donkeys, etc.

Many friends are asking how they feel about camping and experiencing nature?

In fact, the feelings of different camping methods are not completely the same. However, no matter what kind of camping, it is all about going into the nature, living in the nature to see the scenery, listening to the voice of the nature, and feeling the life completely different from the city. Among them, tent camping has the deepest feelings and the most feelings.

Walking into nature and living in nature, there is a fresh feeling different from urban life:

Many friends said, “Camping only lasts for 0 or N times”, which means you can’t stop after camping once.

1. However, no matter where you have been, no matter how many times you have participated in the camp, the most unforgettable one is the first time you have camped: the feeling of anticipation and trepidation is still unforgettable: the anticipation is because you just bought a new tent, and you have a fresh feeling of outdoor camping, while the trepidation is the fear that there are only three or five friends who set out together in the whole camp, and that there are only three or four tents in the whole camp

Of course, when I arrived at the campsite, I found that I really wanted more: in fact, the campsite was already full of colorful tents, and I found that we were not the only ones in the world who liked different lives. After camping, I also found that the world could still play like this! The most important thing is that you can see the stars in the sky that cannot be seen in the city when you lie in the tent, and you can see the sunrise and sunset when you lie down, which is really a very good feeling;

Camping shortens the distance between people and nature, and also shortens the distance between campers, making people feel warm:

2. In addition to working and sleeping, most people are looking at their mobile phones and computers, and the number of their eyesight and weight is also growing. Therefore, on weekends or days of rest, it is a very good experience to go to the grassland, go to the lake or go to the forest with family members or friends, put up several tents, put up a charcoal fire stand, cook tea and barbecue, drink beer, chat, play chess, fly kites, or lie in the tent to watch clouds roll and clouds relax, In addition, many campsites have poor signals, or even can’t access the Internet, which can not only make people leave their mobile phones, but also shorten the distance between them, so that they can feel warm around each other;

3. Camping can listen to the voice of nature, let people integrate into nature wholeheartedly, put down their troubles, and let people have a sense of relaxation:

Have you ever wanted to relax after living in a noisy city for too long?

What if I want to go to a distant place, travel or go to a place I have never been to, but I always fail to do so for various reasons?

Going camping on weekends is actually a very good choice.

As we know, camping places are generally in the wild, in places with beautiful mountains and rivers, and in places with beautiful scenery, especially in our favorite tents. They are usually in a pure nature. They watch the scenery during the day, fall asleep with stars at night, and wake up in the morning when listening to birds singing. Camping with all their heart will make people feel relaxed.

Post time: Jan-04-2023