Points needing attention in mountain climbing and camping

Pay attention to the following points when climbing:


1 When climbing the mountain, you should pack lightly and take less luggage to avoid excessive physical exertion and impact on climbing.


2. The climate in the mountain area varies greatly, from sunny to rainy, and is volatile. Take a raincoat when climbing the mountain. It’s too rainy and windy to take an umbrella.


3 During thunderstorm, do not climb the peak, do not hold iron railings, and do not shelter from rain under trees to prevent lightning strikes.


4 The temperature is low at night and in the morning on the mountain, so you should take thicker clothes when going up the mountain.


5 It is better to wear hiking shoes, cloth shoes and sneakers. Wearing leather shoes and plastic soled shoes is easy to slip. For safety, you can buy a bamboo stick or walking stick when climbing.


6. The mountain is high and the road is steep. It is better to walk slowly when traveling in the mountain. It is necessary to “walk without looking at the scenery, and walk without looking at the scenery”. It is often dangerous to walk while watching.


7 When you travel in the mountains, you should travel together and take care of each other. Don’t climb high alone.


8 When climbing, you can lean forward slightly and walk in the zigzag shape. This is both labor-saving and easy.


9 Take enough boiled water, drinks and necessary medicines when going up the mountain to meet the urgent need.


10 When it rains heavily in the mountain area, the mountain torrents are very fierce and fast. It is not suitable to wash clothes and play in the river before rain to avoid accidents.


11 When taking pictures on a high and dangerous mountain peak, the photographer should not move after choosing an angle, and pay special attention not to retreat in case of accidents.


Never go swimming in the water pool in the mountains, which is too deep and shallow. Even in summer, the spring water will be very cold, so there is a great possibility of danger.


13 The mountaineering team is too long and always keeps echoing back and forth; At least 2 people shall be evacuated to avoid acting alone, and accidents are most likely to happen when you are alone.


14 Adjust your pace and breath at any time during the journey, and do not be quick or slow; Don’t drink too much water. Fill the pot at any time.


15 When climbing, it is better to follow the road signs left by predecessors to identify directions, or mark along the way; After dark, do not walk in the valley or strange routes.


16 If you get lost, you should turn back to the original road or seek refuge for rescue; In addition to maintaining physical strength, the team members should also be pacified.


17 During mountaineering, we should pay attention to the changes of our bodies and have a good rest; In case of discomfort or injury, the colleague shall be informed in time.


18 The team spirit should be carried forward in mountaineering. Pay attention to the situation of companions on the way, and remind each other or assist in passing in dangerous areas.

Post time: Jan-03-2023