Summer camping

The summer vacation has finally arrived

Do you want to experience an exciting camping trip?

With friends or family

Go to the forest

Water treading, camping, picnic

Is the most fashionable way to spend the summer

Xiaomei has prepared for you

Summer camping instructions

Let’s go to the suburbs in summer!

1、 Tent

Camping without spending the night outside is not a complete camping, so it is very necessary to choose a comfortable tent. A few people can enjoy the fun of setting up tents together, and also increase the tacit understanding of everyone. Maybe it can also add a little fun to camping. The Handicapped Party can also choose the automatic tent, which saves time and effort, as long as it can protect against sun and rain.

2、 Canopy

The main function of the sky curtain is to prevent sun, rain and ultraviolet rays, so it is best to choose the material of black glue or silver, which has better sunscreen effect. After all, every delicate pig girl doesn’t want to be sunburned at home.

3、 Folding tables and chairs

How can we have a great camping experience without tables and chairs? If you just lay a tablecloth on the ground, it is no different from a picnic. Set up tables and chairs, you can enjoy the outdoor scenery, and you can also make and enjoy delicious food.

4、 Cassette furnace

Once the tables and chairs are set up, you can cook food. In the wild, have a steaming hot pot or steak, and make another cup of tea or coffee in the morning. In nature, you can also experience a different life of petty bourgeoisie. A powerful and easy-to-use cassette furnace can meet your needs.

Post time: Jan-10-2023